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By Dan

Terra Nova Series Featured in LENSCRATCH

On 07, Jul 2015 | In Photography News | By Dan

My new series of diazotypes, Terra Nova is featured in LENSCRATCH, the fine art photography daily.

Terra Nova

This series began as an extension of my meditation practice.  I love unknown and imaginary places which are often centers of focus as I meditate.  I became intrigued by the ephemeral nature of fading blueprints and wanted to combine the terra nova of my mind with the alternative photographic process of diazotypes.  In my studio, I  start with conceptual ideas of unknown places and print out the framework of a map on unexposed blueprint paper.  Then I handcraft the geography of these places by bending, folding, and crumpling the paper to create a dimensional sculpture, which is exposed with various UV light sources and developed in a homemade ammonia vapor chamber.   The final print is pressed flat to reveal a unique 3D topographic map whose landscape features will slowly fade away over time giving the viewer an ongoing contemplative opportunity on place.

BeyondBeyond, 2015 unique diazotype 8.5″ x 11″