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Dan was raised in the Pacific Northwest, enjoyed many creative years in New York City and Los Angeles now finds himself based in Seattle. The balance between urban living and love of nature is an ongoing pursuit for him and a universal human theme that drives his artistic practice. He currently splits his time between the visual arts and working for conservation organizations. Dan has a Masters in Environmental Science from Columbia University and an International Diploma in Plant Conservation from the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew in England, as well as a BA in Japanese from the University of Oregon.

When I am not making art, I also love to champion the art of others.  I am a Guest Editor for LENSCRATCH – Fine Art Photography Daily and a Contributing Writer for Don’t Take Pictures Magazine.


My approach to photography comes from a love of drawing & painting, which I combined with a conceptual sensibility driven by a love for science and nature.

For limited-edition prints contact:

dnj Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, USA

heist gallery, London, UK



The human eye has evolved to be quite sensitive to movement which aided basic needs of hunting and protection. If a bird flew by odds are good you would “see” it but we routinely miss birds perched in trees if they are not singing or moving. This series is a fun exercise in “seeing” birds in trees.

DRAW ME A TREE, asks the viewer if we remember when we had a stubby crayon in our hands and happily scrawled out our houses, our cats, a blue sky with the sun up in the corner and a tree in the yard? One of the few artistic endeavors that we all have in common is drawing a tree and with this ongoing project Dan explores our connection to nature by asking people to Draw Me a Tree. But not just any tree, Dan has been asking people to partner with him and illustrate the trees that have had some impact in their lives and together they visit these special trees and document them through a unique double exposure process. Draw Me a Tree helps show how intrinsically connected to nature we are through a series of visual tree stories that can be found everywhere in our yards, parks, gardens, forests, and streets.


Some say ignorance is bliss. As a former botanical professional, a walk through a garden for Dan can be a challenge to just enjoy the colors, shapes and textures when his brain is clouded with lots of scientific plant details. With this series, he is using the power of abstraction to filter out the science details in his head which lets him focus on the pure beauty of nature and create unique portraits of the trees and plants. As Dan continues to visit some of his favorite botanical locations, he is creating image collections that reflects what he has seen in the gardens.


In 1776, one month after declaring independence, we fought the British for the first time as the United States of America right here on Lookout Hill in Prospect Park. 230 years after the The Battle of Brooklyn, Dan stood on this same hill and contemplated his own new found independence in NYC. Prospect Park is so thickly imbued with history old and new being made every day. With this series, Dan is abstractly celebrating his place in the ongoing personal histories of the park.


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